Brain Injury

Accidents resulting in serious brain injuries can be devastating and cause permanent health problems. Oftentimes, the accident causing the brain injury was preventable and happened because of the negligence of another. Our brain injury attorney, Alicia A. Slaughter can help you get the compensation you need for your injury and suffering, and hopefully help bring a relatively satisfying resolution to this devastating event.

We represent clients who have suffered severe brain injury due to:

Any trauma to the head or neck region can cause subdermal hematoma, closed head injury or concussion, hemorrhaging, intracranial pressure and swelling leading to global hypoxia, anoxic brain injury or hypoxic brain injury, and other forms of minor and significant brain damage. Most seriously, a brain injury can result in cognitive impairment, a coma or persistent vegetative state, and, all too frequently, death.

Severe brain injuries can be permanent and can require long-term medical care. Our lawyers are experienced in litigation for brain injuries, and we know how to get you every type of compensation you will need to cope with this devastating condition. We hire life care experts who evaluate the cost of ongoing medical care for the life of the patient, including what expenses they will incur for the normal activities of their daily living, such as transportation and round-the-clock or in-home assistance.

There is no reason to suffer alone from the effects of a brain injury. We can help you bring a claim and get the compensation you and your family will need for a lifetime of coping with this catastrophic injury. Our compassionate brain injury lawyers want to see you achieve the best resolution possible.

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